The Q-FACTORY division of Robert Etoll Productions specializes in licensing music for the highly demanding motion picture and television advertising industry — a boutique music library that stands alone in quality and excellence. We understand the specific needs of our clients and carefully craft our product to meet those needs.

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge, high-impact cues and sound design that cover the entire emotional spectrum in a wide range of musical styles — from dark and intense to high energy to intimate and heartfelt.

Please feel free to audition our music and sound design from the entire catalog. You can also download single cues or entire releases after you register. You will be convinced that Q-FACTORY is the place to go for your next project.


This release is a sound design-driven compilation of 25 cues, featuring unique and unconventional elements with trailing echoes and delays. Each composition transitions into a full cue with a climactic build to end. There’s nothing out there like it
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Fourteen cues, with every one emotional and inspiring in its own way. They are perfect for adding a poignant or feel-good touch to genres from drama to adventure or fantasy — even romantic comedy!
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Here are 30 awesome tracks of those low brass and synth stabs/hits/"braams" you are frequently looking for.  We've gone beyond the traditional with a whole new take on the typical elements, though you will also find some classics.  Turn these up nice and LOUD!



By popular demand: ORCHESTRAL STABS!


Due to numerous requests, we went back to our most powerful orchestral compositions and edited cutdowns of the huge ending STABS for your convenience. These will surely create the needed impact for your next campaign.